Getting started with Stick Mobility classes (recorded)

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Sometimes it is challenging to be available when a course is conducted.  So we have recorded one of our Getting Started with Stick Mobility Classes online interactive courses that was recently conducted via zoom.  Once you purchase the online course, you will be sent a link, and you will have one month to watch the content as many times as you like.

Cost:  $50 (The course registration investment can be applied against any Stick purchases of 5 or more Sticks for two months after the education session.)

The course can be watched a

Session outline:  This session is for Level 1 Stick Mobility coaches who would like to hone their knowledge for conducting group fitness classes.

  • First hour
    • Introduction
    • Review of the Stick Mobility principles:
      • Leverage
      • Stability
      • Proprioception - feedback and co-ordination
      • Irradiation - recruitment of neighbouring muscles
      • Isometric strength
  • Second hour
    • Factors to consider when preparing a Stick Mobility class
    • Exercise flow
    • Regressions and or progressions
    • Repetition of exercises vs adding new exercises
    • Stick placement
  • Third hour
    • Instruction, demonstration and practice of Stick Mobility exercises which flow in a class format.
    • Practice creating a Stick Mobility exercise flow for presentation to fellow attendees.
    • Question and answers

Presenter:  Natalie Amar.   Nat has presented in excess of 150 Stick Mobility classes.

Please contact Tony via either or 0439 619 490 to with any questions about the education session.