Golf Mobility Training Video

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Online access to the Golf Mobility Training Video Series presented by PGA tour trainer Ben Shear and Stick Mobility.

Includes an instructional series that explains the benefits of mobility in relation to golf, a set of golf specific warm-up exercises and workouts, plus a pre-round on-course warm up.

  • Get your club and body in better positions to have a more consistent, efficient, and effective golf swing.
  • Reduce your risk of injury in training and on the course.
  • Improve your mobility to increase your ability to hit the ball further.

There are five videos which focus on:

  • Video 1 - Warm-up - 29 minutes
    • Introduction, Soft Tissue Prep, Foot and Ankle, Hips, Shoulders, Spine and Back, Wrist and Elbows, Sequencing
  • Video 2 - Mobility & Strength Instructionals - 28 minutes
  • Video 3 - Mobility & Strength Workouts - 10 minutes
    • Workout # 1 - 13 minutes
    • Workout # 2 - 7 minutes
  • Video 4 - Power Program - 20 minutes
    • Increase Drive, Reduce Back Pain, Better Swing Hip Mobility.
  • Video 5 - On-Course Pre Round Warmup - 5 minutes
    • Wake up your feet, hips, shoulders and spine before your round.

If you already have a 3 Stick bundle you can just purchase the video series and start using it immediately.  If you don't have a 3 Stick bundle you can package the 3 Stick bundle and video together.

Stick Bundles:  

The longer sticks are typically used for the strength, neuro-motor control and stretching exercises.  The shorter stick is great for mobilisation exercises.

The use for more than one stick is both a regressionary or progressionary aspect of our system.  Stability work can be challenging for some people.  Two sticks allow for that added stability so that the body and the central nervous system can learn to adapt to the new stimulus.

This bundle includes (2) 6 foot Mobility Sticks and (1) 4 foot Mobility Stick.  This bundle would be recommended for those who are under 178cm or 5’10” tall.  

This bundle includes: (2) 7 foot Mobility Sticks and (1) 5 foot Mobility Stick.  This bundle would be recommended for those who are over 178cm or 5’10″ tall.     

Please email if you have any questions in relation to which Stick Bundle is right for you.