Perth Level 1 Certification (Part A & B) - February 16 & 17

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  1. $495 (including GST) without sticks to take home OR
  2. $795 (including GST) with a bundle of 3 sticks to take home.  Receive a bundle of 3 Sticks for an additional payment for $300.  If you are < 5 foot 10 inches in height a bundle of 3 sticks (2 x 6 foot and 1 x 4 foot) would normally cost $345, or if you are > 5 foot 10 inches in height a bundle of 3 sticks (2 x 7 foot and 1 x 5 foot) would normally cost $390.  If you wish to add the Stick bundle, please add the applicable bundle depending on your height to your shopping cart after registering for the course, and use the coupon code: Sticks664 or Sticks775 at the checkout to activate the discount.

Attendees receive:

  1. Stick Mobility Manual
  2. PDF copy of the course presentation
  3. Access to the entire online video library consisting of in excess of 100 on line instructional videos, plus 12 examples of 1 hour classes, plus another 22 videos of more advanced mobility, strength and stretching exercises.
  4. Certificate of completion
  5. OPTIONAL - Bundle of 3 sticks- 2 x 6 foot and 1 x 4 foot or 2 x 7 foot and 1 x 5 foot (this depends on your height - if < 5 foot 10 inches - 664, if > 5 foot 10 inches - 775) 

Our Level 1 Certification allows flexibility in your Professional Development planning.  It can be completed in one weekend if Part A & B are scheduled on consecutive days, or can be completed one day at a time with Part A & B being completed some time apart - start with Part A and complete Part B at your convenience.

Part A of the Level 1 course will cover the basics of the Stick Mobility System and attendees will learn a selection of commonly used joint mobilisation, strengthening and deep fascial stretching exercises.  Part A will give attendees a base level of knowledge of Stick exercises that they can use “one on one” with their patients or clients.  

Course outline:

  1. Introduction to Stick Mobility principles
  2. Basic joint mobilisation exercises
  3. Basic strengthening exercises
  4. Basic deep fascial stretches

If you only want to do Part A - please click here

Part B of the Level 1 course will add a lot more exercises to the attendees repertoire, as well as providing the opportunity for revision of the theory and principles of the Stick Mobility system, and some of the common exercises from Part A of the course.  Those completing Part B of the course should feel confident to run their own Stick Mobility classes on returning to their workplace.  Part B of the course includes access to in excess of 100 on line instructional videos, plus 12 video examples of 1 hour classes, plus another 22 videos of more advanced mobility, strength and stretching exercises.

Course Outline:

  1. Revision of principles and basic exercises
  2. Building the repertoire of exercises - mobilising, strengthening and deep fascial stretching
  3. Two Stick Mobility class examples
  4. Partner Stick Mobility exercises
  5. Practical of teaching of Stick Mobility exercises


Fitness Australia - for 8 CEC’s.  You must be a registered Group Exercise/Gym Instructor in order to attain Fitness Australia CECs.

The following associations recognise members who attend courses within their scope of practice.  

  1. Australian Physiotherapy Association 
  2. Podiatry Board of Australia  
  3. Occupational Therapy Australia
  4. Association of Massage Therapists 
  5. Exercise & Sports Science Australia 

Date:  Saturday February 16 and Sunday February 17 

Venue:  The Mind Body Heart Studio - 81 Nanson Street, Wembley

Time Day 1:  Registration at 9:15am, course commences at 9:30am and concludes at 4:30pm. 

Time Day 2:  Course commences at 9am and concludes at 4pm.

Presenter:  Natalie Amar.  

Attendees are responsible for arranging transportation of their sticks and/or any associated costs incurred with getting them home upon completion of the Stick Mobility Course.   

Notice of a cancellation received more than 1 week prior to the course will receive a full refund less a $50 administration fee.  Cancellations in the week prior to the course will not receive a refund as all our costs are incurred by then.